Полілог культур: Освітній і культурологічний аспекти. 

Збірник Всеукраїнської науково-практичної конференції молодих науковців та студентів Zbirnyk_2019-23.04-DOI.pdf [2.08 Mb] (cкачувань: 0)

 Міжнародна науково-практична Інтернет-конференція

«Проблеми міжкультурного спілкування в епоху глобалізації»


Bykonya O. P.


The requirements to the levels of the future economists’ English Competence proficiency in Business WritingBikonya-sum.doc [25.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 9)


Boye S.

The implications of growing student mobility on European higher education students’ intercultural communicative competenceBo-sum.doc [24.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 14)

Vashchylo O.V.

Podcasting technology based model of the ESP speechproduction in teaching organization to the students majoring in mechanical engineeringVaschilo-sum.doc [28 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Ganzha I. V.

Functional interpretation of hedge markers in English-speaking advertisement of the medicinesGanzha-sum.doc [24.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Gergul’ S. M.

V.O.Sukhomlynskyi's ideas about professional self-development of future teachersGergul-sum.doc [27 Kb] (cкачувань: 11)

Homeniuk O. Ya.

The content and structure of the English textbooks for secondary schools in Bukovyna (1918 – 1940)Gomenyuk-sum.doc [27 Kb] (cкачувань: 2)

Hrytsenko H. V.

Preparing and delivering an effective lectureGricenko-sum.doc [24 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Datskiv O. Р.

Using tandem language learning in forming future English teachers’ speaking skillsDackv-sum.doc [28.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 6)

Didukh O.O.

The experimental testing of the methodology of teaching English teacher trainees to debateDduh-sum.doc [28.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Kovalchuk O. S.

Origin and Milestones of English for Specific PurposesKovalchuk-sum.doc [24.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 2)

Lazarenko S. V.

Linguistic features of English military technical and informational textsLazarenko-sum.doc [24.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Maksymenko L.

Study of Foreign Experience in the Translator Training at the Current Stage of Higher Education DevelopmentMaksimenko-sum.doc [28 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Martynenko O. Y.

Psycholinguistic prerequisites to listening comprehension competence formation of future correspondence education interpretersMartinenko-sum.doc [25 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Miroshnyk I. V.

The requirements to multimedia presentation for teaching a foreign language to pre-school childrenMroshnik-sum.doc [26.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Movchan L.G.

Developing students’ foreign language writing skills during scientific researchMovchan-sum.doc [24 Kb] (cкачувань: 1)

Osadcha N. V.

The problems of defining the context and structure of high school students’ sociocultural competence in reading country study textsOsadcha-sum.doc [14.61 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Pаvlеnkо A. E., Pаvlеnkо G. V.

Ethnic and cultural stereotypes in the social history of Scotts  Pavlenko-sum.doc [32.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Perry H. R.

Teaching global English: a report from the fieldPerr-sum.doc [27.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 6)

Y.A. Petrusevych

The Model of Interactive English Fiction Based Monologue Teaching OrganizationPetrusevich-sum.doc [25 Kb] (cкачувань: 2)

Pochinok T. V.

About diagnosing the level of language university students’ sociocultural competence formationPochinok-sum.doc [24.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Reho H.I.

Teaching national minoroties of Zakarpattya

to official language in preschool ageRego_sum-.doc [32.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 1)

Romaniuk Iu.

The Model of Partially On-Line learning english

for the Students of Technical SpecialtiesRomanyuk-sum.doc [25 Kb] (cкачувань: 2)

Samoylenko N. B.

Development of course program with regards to the students of humanities’ preparationSamoylenko-sum.doc [26 Kb] (cкачувань: 2)

Satinova V.F.

Creating Innovative Educational Environment

of Foreign Language TeachingSatinova-sum.doc [27 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Smolina S. V.


Tyshko N. M.

The Peculiarities of Differentiated Instruction Management of English Reading in Extra-Curricular Individual Learning of Future EngineersTishko-sum.doc [30 Kb] (cкачувань: 2)

Tomashevska A.Y.

The content and procedural components of the future pharmaceutical specialists individual work organization in the context of English language teaching methodology and intercultural communicationTomashevska-sum.doc [29.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 4)

Chugai O.Y.


Yakovenko I.V.

H. Melville’s "Bartleby, the Scrivener”: Posthumanist AspectsYakovenko-sum.doc [23.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 6)

E. N. Yaroslavova, M. G. Fedotova

Developing textual sub-competence as part of linguistic and information competence in foreign language Yaroslavova-Fedotova-sum.doc [26 Kb] (cкачувань: 2)education